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Collector's Encyclopedia of OLD IVORY CHINA, The Mystery Explored, Identification & Values.
Alma Hillman, David Goldschmitt & Adam Szynkiewicz
Until now. Old Ivory China, manufactured by Ohme Porcelain Works in what is now a part of Poland, has been shrouded in mystery. While the beautiful earth-tone backgrounds and floral decals have caught the eye of many collectors, no book has ever been published on the subject. Collector Books is proud to present this definitive work to shed light on a coveted collectible. Alma owns one of the largest inventories of Old Ivory. All three of the authors are dedicated collectors who have spent the time and made the necessary effort to systematically sort through the maze of pattern numbers, borders, mold types, and manufacturers. Collector's Encyclopedia of Old Ivory China includes over 800 gorgeous color photographs of not only the Old Ivory line, but also the series of hotel wares. Finally, collectors can document shapes, patterns, marks, molds, styles, and current values of this growing collecting specialty. This exceptional guide presents the history of the porcelain, as well as an organization of the multiple styles, patterns, and pieces available. This incredible resource will be in demand by dealers and collectors everywhere!

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Collector's Guide to Old Ivory identification and price guide